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Why Choose BtzSuperHero

Helping People Help Others

Looking for a way to help yourself while helping others… that is our Company Mission!

Unique Products

Crypto Education, Botz Tokens, Experts in Finance & Building Teams Globally.

One of a Kind Pay Plan

Never seen Before- Refer 2 and kick-in the set and forget it Business-Builder System.

Team Building

Our BTZ Super Hero’s build like no other teams ever worldwide!!

What Is

BTZ SuperHero

In order to make get make money daily you have a simple way to follow with our team leaders:

We know that there is an overwhelming amount of choices of programs online for you to choose! We also know that in the Crypto World; it is not only confusing but there are a lot of scams. We are a group of entrepreneurs who have been online for several decades & in the Team Building with success. We know that if you join and follow our plan; you will have a great chance to succeed.

What makes BTZ Super Hero so unique?

Our one of a kind Progressive Hero Pay Plan has never been done before in this industry. You have taken the mystery out of how the matrix works and the attrition of monthly residual plans. start by making your initial payment of only $15.00 for the 2 by Hero-Builder, and completing it (no re entry), you then progress to the Super Hero-Builder. Now each and every month, when your initial 2 by Business-Builder Hero members pay their $15.00 you will also have your $15. And your $40 for your Super Hero-Builder paid with no other money out of your pocket. Once you see how just $15. Sets you up for a potential residual of $640 or $1,280 or $2,560 or even $10,000 per month, you will run not walk to join with our success team. It is simple and easy to join and pay and did we tell you, each and every member who pays in your Super Hero-Builder pays you daily?

A one time payment of only $15 in BTZ Super Hero has a potential to earn you $10,000 plus residual monthly!

Yes, we know that it is “too good to be true” and maybe you also say “I have heard that before and it did not work for me” or “you just do not believe anymore in the dream”. But we all have been there and we all have had our share of successes and yes our share of companies who have failed us. If you never get up after falling, what happens then? We have made this so simple and easy to explain and easy to share. We are making the Crypto World easy to learn and easy to share as well. We are also helping in Team Building with the way we have designed the marketing systems and plan. Your earnings are unlimited and your potential is as real as it gets. For Only $15. Out of Pocket to watch your team grow on a minute by minute basis, how can we make it any better? Well, we just did with the BTZ Super Hero!!

How It Works

BTZ SuperHero

Step 1

Create your Free account!

Step 2

Login to your members area and fund your wallet using one of our merchants. Once wallet has been funded with $15, you will be able to purchase your Hero Business-Builder position.

Step 3

NOW is the time to fully activate your Membership and to start accumulating commissions. We will show you exactly how you can maximize and leverage this great opportunity.

Step 4

Become a true BTZ Super Hero. Go ahead and start spreading the word and helping others. Why wait...? There's no time like NOW to decide "I Can and I Will...!"

How work

What Makes BTZ SuperHero Unique From Others ?

We are one of the first Crypto Programs that has taken the “I do not want to join a monthly program”! It is unique when you can sign up and pay only $15 one time out of pocket and still work with your initial 2 by Hero-Builder. The program keeps on paying every time a member pays in your Super Hero-Builder giving you the way to have your monthly membership paid month after month.

You Learn about Crypto Currency & You earn and share Botz Tokens & You advertise your own businesses. Simple and Easy and Fun!!

A one-time payment of only $15 in BTZ Super Hero has a potential to earn you $10,000 plus residual monthly!